Vintage London Sunset Postcards 1960s-1980s

London, capital of the UK and the setting for many a postcard. Today I've picked out 4 postcards that feature landmarks from London, rendered in that OTT style of vintage postcards. A couple of them display the unmistakable ramped up colour separations of vintage Hinde cards (done to make them stand out against the competition, apparently) and some other cards with equally eye catching colour and mood.

I'm guessing that the first couple are from the 1960s, the third possibly from the 1970s and the last card of the bunch is from the 1980s, looking at the style of the cards and the lettering. There's lots of other London cards available, but these are amongst the most eye-catching for my tastes.

1960s Vintage London Postcard

1960s Vintage London Postcard

1970s Vintage London Postcard

1980s Vintage London Postcard

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