Devon Sunsets 1970s-80s

Here's four postcards from Devon. I think they were mostly taken in the 1970s. The colours in these are extremely vivid and eye catching, glorious and lovely. A couple of them have already featured as smaller cropped versions in the multiview postcards post, but here you can enjoy a larger version, with more to see than the cropped ones.

This first one is of Westward Ho! in North Devon. I love the colour in this postcard, it's so distinctive and hyperactive. This reminds me of some of the dream skyscapes that I've imagined at night, there's something surreal about it. This is one of my all time favourite sunset postcards, it's a beaut.

1970s view of Westward Ho

Another vivid sunset here, this time from the south of the county at Hope Cove. That sky's really on fire in this postcard, an over-wrought sunset if ever I've seen one.

Hope Cove, South Devon

I love the muted browns, yellows and salmon pinks in this postcard of Illfracombe, it's a really sombre palette. The whole printed image has the feel of a 1970s catalogue.

Illfracombe, North Devon

The final postcard from Devon is from Dawlish on the south coast. It's quite bland compared to the other three cards, despite the glowing red look of it. However, it still has that unmistakable 1970s feel to it.

Sunset at Dawlish, South Devon

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