Introduction To Sunsets Of Yore

Hello all, welcome to the site. I'll start by giving you all an introduction into what it's about and what you can expect in time. I love a good sunset, and recently started collecting vintage sunset postcards. There's something about them that I find really appealing, the colours, the printing processes, the feel and the mood.

I'm a bit of an amateur photographer myself, and often find myself shooting sunsets when I catch a good one. I have done for years, so much to the point that I often dream of spectacular sunsets and when I do, they're pretty psychedelic. Back in the 1990s I was studying art at college in Cornwall, and using big skies in my work. I bought some local postcards to go in my sketchbook that had some wacky coloured skies that reminded me of those dream sky-scapes and inspired my work.

A couple of years ago I spotted the same postcards on eBay and picked them up, as my originals were long lost (along with my career in art!) I started searching for other similar cards and during the search found a lot more interesting postcards with some picturesque and overly manipulated sunsets in them, and that was it, the collection begun, and now down the line, I've decided to share these cards with the wider world.

This is not a site about the techniques or history of these cards, I don't know much about the printing processes or development of these cards. But I know I love the look of them, the way that some of them are manipulated using hand tinting, photographic dyes and other analogue photographic processes. That's what I'm here to celebrate and will be doing so in time featuring these cards for your entertainment.

Burnham On Sea Lighthouse at Sunset - 1980s

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