Cornwall And Devon 1980s – 1990s Multiview Postcards

I'll get things going with one of the postcards I picked up in Cornwall when I was in art college back in 1993/94. I loved the heightened colours and exaggerated tones of the card, it struck a chord and was something that fed into the work I was doing at the time. The first of these cards is a the very same version of that one I kept in my sketchbook back then.

You have to bear in mind that the images in these postcards would have been created using analogue photographic processes, be it tinting, the addition of extra dyes to the photo, montage and hand colouring processes to bring them to the heightened state they are in. This was a time before PhotoShop and Instagram where you just drop a digital image in and fiddle. There would have been a real skill in producing images like these. Yes they're throw-away ephemera, but there something in this first couple that really make me smile.

First up, Cornish Sunsets. I think this card must date from the late 1980s to early 1990s, although the images in them may date back to the 1970s given the look and feel of them.

Cornish Sunsets multiview from the 1980s/90s

Next we have arguably a more psychedelic card from Devon, Cornwall's neighbouring county. One thing you'll notice as the posts on the site go on is that some images are reused time and time again. Some of the smaller images in the cards on these multi-view images will re-appear in later posts as full sized single image postcards. I suppose the expense of making the initial images meant they'd be reused time and time again in other multi-view cards.

Devon Sunsets multiview from the 1980s/90s

The next two cards are later in date in my opinion, maybe early to mid 1990s. Whilst not quite as psychedelic as the first two cards, they have a sombre mood all of their own. Look closely and you'll also notice they're using slightly toned down versions of some of the views above.

Early 1990s Multiview Cornish Sunsets Card

Early 1990s Multiview Cornish Sunsets Card

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